Ellie & Ryan – King River Ranch

Ryan played his way into Ellie’s heart the first time she saw his band perform. The lights, the guitar, the voice, she was instantly hooked. From then on she was, and will always be, his biggest fan. These two made it official on a beautiful spring day at King River Ranch in Johnson City, TX. The venue sits along the Pedernales River which was one of the couple’s favorite features and made for some stunning portraits. The day was spent celebrating with loved ones. The most important part of this wedding was definitely the special moments shared with the ones they hold dearest. That’s not to say it was all tears! Perhaps the most sentimental moment of the day, the letter exchange, was interrupted with comedic timing by nearby donkeys who decided to interject in their peaceful moment. The look on their faces was priceless! These two couldn’t help but crack up as the ranch’s animals stole the show. After the lovely outdoor ceremony, the celebration moved to the barn where breakfast was served for dinner and the appetizers were gourmet donuts. After some dancing and toasts, the groom stepped on stage with his groomsmen and fellow bandmates to perform a special show for their guests. The party lasted long into the night and these two danced under the full moon, and suddenly all the love songs were about them. Ross-Blog-1Ross-Blog-3Ross-Blog-2Ross-Blog-4Ross-Blog-5Ross-Blog-6Ross-Blog-31Ross-Blog-12Ross-Blog-7Ross-Blog-8Ross-Blog-9Ross-Blog-10Ross-Blog-13Ross-Blog-14Ross-Blog-15Ross-Blog-16Ross-Blog-17Ross-Blog-18Ross-Blog-19Ross-Blog-20Ross-Blog-21Ross-Blog-22Ross-Blog-23Ross-Blog-24Ross-Blog-25Ross-Blog-27Ross-Blog-30Ross-Blog-32Ross-Blog-33Ross-Blog-26Ross-Blog-28Ross-Blog-29Ross-Blog-35Ross-Blog-34Ross-Blog-11Ross-Blog-36Ross-Blog-37Ross-Blog-38Ross-Blog-39Ross-Blog-40Ross-Blog-41Ross-Blog-42Ross-Blog-43Ross-Blog-44Ross-Blog-45Ross-Blog-46Ross-Blog-47Ross-Blog-48Ross-Blog-49Ross-Blog-50Ross-Blog-51Ross-Blog-52Ross-Blog-53Ross-Blog-54Ross-Blog-55Ross-Blog-57Ross-Blog-58Ross-Blog-59Ross-Blog-60Ross-Blog-61Ross-Blog-62Ross-Blog-63Ross-Blog-64Ross-Blog-65Ross-Blog-67Ross-Blog-68Ross-Blog-69Ross-Blog-71

Photography: Raven & Hare Photography

Venue: King River Ranch

Coordination: Uptown Events and Travel

Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Dress: Leanne Marshall

Florist: King River Ranch

Cake: Sweet Treets

Hair & Makeup: Bella Salon


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