Cari & Kevin – McKinney Falls Engagement

We have a lot in common with Cari and Kevin, and we clicked from the beginning. For instance, they work together like we do. Well, it’s the same place in different departments, but you see the connection, right? Also, we share a fondness for classic 90’s rap music, leisurely outdoor activities, and overall just keeping things, “low key, laid back, and chill.” They were in Austin for the weekend doing some wedding planning, so it was a perfect time to meet up and sneak in an engagement session before they headed back to the coast. We met with this easygoing pair for some evening coffee at one of our favorite spots for cold brew to discuss their plans. These two are hosting an intimate ceremony later this year in Austin at Chapel Dulcinea followed by a reception full of great food, trivia, and games at Max’s Wine Dive. First on the list though, engagement photos!

After hearing more about these two, we decided on McKinney Falls. It’s great because it has a ton of variety and a lot of space to roam. The Rock Shelter was a new location we hadn’t used before, but it’s a new favorite. The interesting shapes and texture of the rocks make for a cool background, especially when there’s not a lot of foliage to work with in the winter months. During the shoot, these two were so easy to pose, they almost fell into place at times. We were compelled to take more detail shots than usual because they were so engaging. Cari brought an extra pair of shoes for hiking and crossing the river, but we decided to include the low tops for a few shots because they looked so cute. McKinney Falls hase vibrant evergreen trees, and the colors in the second outfits really looked great with the dark green.

Cari and Kevin were really adventurous and up for anything, including hopping rocks to get across the lower falls with us. Without getting wet or falling in, we meticulously hopped along, taking some photos along the way, but mostly working to get across to the other side of the falls where the historic Homestead building sits. We wrapped up the session there, with some fun lighting and the two of them blowing bubbles. As we hiked back to our cars, we had to stop for one last quick photo of the sunset. Such a colorful way to end this winter engagement session.




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