Michelle & Glenn – Longhorn Caverns Engagement

When we first met Michelle and Glenn we were sipping on coffee and discussing their engagement session even before getting into their wedding day plans. They’re a pair of outdoorsy Austinites that spend the majority of their time looking for the next cave to explore. Our engagement session started bright and early even before the sun came up. We coordinated this with Long Horn Cavern State Park and were permitted to enter the premises before they opened for the day. We have to give it up to Michelle, waking up at the crack of down and looking spectacular! Just love her long floral dress for their outdoor photo session.

Not only were they a breeze to pose, but they were having a blast too. They color coordinated their outfits based on the location, time of day, and each other. These two definitely knew what it took to have a successful engagement shoot! The best thing about starting your engagement session bright and early is that you get that kiss of sunlight while having the whole open sky as a huge diffusion source. It really gives this whole engagement session a soft natural glow while still having some dimension to the subjects and background.

We started at the look out tower that had a spiral staircase leading up to the top. It was a tad wobbly, but you know… “we just have to get this photo!” Of course, we bust out the lighting gear for these shots to add a little drama. They turned out to be one of our favorite and unique images from the day. The windows had this gorgeous star cutout that beautifully let the light dapple across the floor. You’ll see what we’re talking about. For the remainder of our session we took some time at all of the greatest spots Long Horn Cavern had to offer. Including, their park administration building that was built in the 1930’s. The stone work along with the old wooden shutters and doors made for some great textures. Leading to our final spot for the day, the epic entrance to the cavern. We had Michelle and Glenn put their climbing skills to good use, and placed them on a staggered sitting area a couple feet from the ground. With our trusty Magmod modifiers, we were able to shape the face of the cavern and really let Michelle and Glenn stand out in this landscape inspired image.

After a long morning of shooting we decided to grab some food at a near by restaurant called Blue Bonnet Cafe. It’s a go-to spot we frequent when we’re anywhere near Marble Falls. We highly recommend their pies and of course, Glenn’s favorite, chicken fried steak.


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