Maryam & Nick: Black Gown in Tarrytown

With a background in modeling, this gorgeous pair were no strangers to the camera. Easy going couple Maryam and Nick tied the knot in the comfort of their own family’s home with an intimate get together that encompassed their distinct styles. To be included in such a cozy wedding was really a privilege for us, and this couple and their friends and families couldn’t have been more welcoming to us.

The bride wore a black two piece gown embellished with rhinestones and complimented by edgy accessories. While the guests mingled before the ceremony, we had some fun taking photos of Maryam twirling on the balcony in her black tulle skirt, then we moved outside to the front yard to spend some time with Nick. The yellow home had a charming front porch, which was perfect for photos. The family turned the home’s living room into an elegant ceremony space adorned in silver and black with candles and flowers. The guest list consisted of only immediate family and the couple’s closest friends. A few oversees family members joined via webcam to celebrate with the couple.

For dinner, everyone moved to Uchiko where the guests were treated to a multi course sushi meal. The family’s worked together to compile a slide show of childhood photos that chronicled Mariam and Nick’s lives together. It was clear these two shared a love for traveling, and both families had impressive photo albums to prove it. After the father’s gave their words of wisdom on marriage and life to come, Nick thanked everyone in a gracious speech. He joked about how he never thought he’d see the day he’d be getting married, and now, he and Maryam are expecting their first child and he couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. This pair is destined for many happy years together!


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