Carol & Tucker – Shaffer Bend Engagement

This north Austin couple loves to spend their weekends going camping with their dog Midas, so what better place to take their engagement photos then a state park like Shaffer Bend? Nestled between Lago Vista and Marble Falls, this secluded camping area has river access which was perfect for taking photos of the couple snuggled together in their canoe.

After taking a hike around the park to scout locations, the shoot began at a partially cleared area in the woods right off the trail. Carol lived up to her nickname Mogli when she scaled a huge stump with ease all while wearing a dress! Midas spent most of the day playing fetch with his ball, but he did get in on some of the action. The sunset was great that day and there was a consistent wind blowing, so every shot has movement giving us a lot of variety. These two were so comfortable in front of the camera and they were up for anything so we kept the camera clicking until it was time to build the fire.

We wanted to make sure we showed off the couple’s impressive collection of gear, so we set up a lounge area for them and Midas around the campfire. It wasn’t all for show either. After the shoot, Tucker made us all grilled chicken sandwiches and Carol made corn on the cob in the campfire. Later we made smores and sipped champagne, it was all delicious and a lot of fun. Trust us when we say these two know how to camp!


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